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Digital Marketing in 2019

In the days of old, businesses had to pay a king's ransom to afford marketing. The situation was suffocating for small businesses, and most of them dropped by the wayside. In those days TV, radio, and print advertisements were the only way to reach, delight and entice customers. Digital marketing was an alien then. Fast forward two decades later, every business depends upon internet marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s a new marketing concept that rides the wave of innovation in the internet and mobile communication sectors. Digital marketing levels the playing field for businesses. Budget is not a big deal; neither are location, time and space. Your marketing messages can reach to your customers whenever and wherever. As outlined below, digital marketing entails: 
SEO: Search engine optimization is all about creating organic brand visibility online.     

Pay per click: You get to choose the keywords that resonate more with your business and embed them in web content and search results. You only incur marketing costs when those links are clicked.    
Social media: This is the promotion of your business on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.     

Content marketing: You need to create valuable information that attracts and retains customers. Content is king.    

Email marketing: You can keep your brand top on the minds of your consumers through email promotions, reminders, newsletters and thank you messages.

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5 Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

You need lots digital marketing tools to get results.    
Nothing could be further from the truth. There is an avalanche of software unleashed on the cloud for marketers to design content and track results. The crux of the matter is that these tools alone cannot bring the bacon home unless you invest in some marketing strategy. 
With traditional advertising, digital marketing isn’t necessary     
Amplifying your brand message the conventional way is excellent, but exploring digital marketing can help you reach a bigger audience. You will get to drive more online traffic and create new leads. Whether it is on social media or websites, digital marketing is engaging. It births profound consumer insight that you can use to achieve your goals. You can also ride on user-generated content and let your brand name grow autonomously.       

Backlinks matter in SEO rankings    
You cannot leap to the top of search results by purchasing many backlinks for your website. Today, Google has put measures in place to stop this black hat SEO trick. What matters today is excellent content that checks right on the tenets of relevance, informational and engaging.      

Blogging is not worth the time    
Many business owners perceive blogging to be a hobby or a forfeitable pursuit. The truth is that content is the glue that holds digital marketing and brands together, and blogging is the golden ticket to fresh and exciting content.     

You need to post everyday on social media    
There is no short cut to successful social media marketing. You don't need to post a dozen times a day or plan for early morning, lunchtime or late evening. What you need are engaging and relatable posts that can inspire customers to try your product or service.

Why your business needs a marketing strategy

Customer Awareness    
Are your customers aware of all your products, services and their benefits? If they continue to stay in the dark your business may never turn profitable. To break even, you need communication that is well designed and targeted. 
Consistent marketing     
Your business life is so expansive, and a campaign that you started yesterday might not be top of your mind today, especially if your marketing team is slim. A digital marketing strategy helps you to stay on track with your campaign.   

Level playing field     
A digital marketing strategy is an equalizer; as big businesses invest in traditional marketing, you can get the same or even better results with a cost-effective digital strategy. Email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO, for instance, are low budget approaches.   

Building engagement   
With a digital marketing strategy, you will be able to customize and personalize your products to suit their tastes and desires. From there on, communication is simplified by email, direct message or webcam.   

Campaign monitoring    
You have to be aware of the impacts of your marketing efforts continually. You need to measure the reactions of your consumers to your messages. It helps to direct resources where it matters most. That's all possible with a digital marketing strategy. The best thing you can do for your business is hiring digital professionals to bring in their digital marketing expertise. With that, you will be assured of profitability, visibility, and growth.