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If you landed on this page it means that you searched into Google for Dallas SEO – you found us because of Google’s search engine. We can do the same thing for your business with your target search phrases by engaging in a competitive search engine optimization campaign.

About Our Digital Marketing Agency

KnowMedia, LLC is a digital marketing agency specializing search engine optimization, paid search adswebsite development, and social media marketing services. Our digital agency is cultured in the fact that we are a handpicked search engine marketing team with results that speak for themselves.

Our office is located in Plano, TX – but we service clients in the Dallas area with search engine services. You can learn more about why we’re the right company to hire if you’re engaging SEO in Dallas.

Dallas SEO Process

Dallas is a hub for SEO, and we embrace that. The KnowMedia team takes pride in preemptively analyzing the competitors of our clients. This is allows us to custom tailor our approach to our clients specific goals. This initial phase - keyword & market research allows us measure the domain ratings of all of your competitors to see how much we have to do to beat them. Once we have definitive competitive data, we start the SEO campaign by following our proven process to rank on the first page.

Optimizing On-Site Technical Issues

We begin our SEO campaigns by running a thorough audit of our clients website, this provides us with all of the current errors and suggestions on what needs to be changed to better communicate with the search engines. A few of the common errors that we encounter include domain redirects, duplicate content, 404 errors, site security, site speed, site structure, thin content, and much more. Once we have optimized the website we can continue our SEO process.

Creating SEO Rich Content

The KnowMedia team will then begin to curate set rich, keyword dense content to add to your website, this content specifically targets short and long tail keywords that your customers are searching for into the Google search engine. The content that we tend to produce for our clients has a tendency to be longer just to insure that we secure those first page rankings!

Create A Link Building Campaign

Make sure you have a clear linking structure within your website. For example, if you’re counting on your footer links to drive your internal linking strategy, think again. Footer and header links do not hold a lot of weight. Therefore, internally linking within your body copy will allow Google to navigate your website better. Furthermore, adding backlinks and relevant citations to your website will result in an increase search engine ranking. Backlinks can be gathered through various partner networks, and even from scouting local blogs in your area. Through this process your business can also be included on multiple websites where they will place a link back to your website. Increasing your websites credibility across the internet.

How Much Does SEO Cost In Dallas?

So you’re probably wondering how much does SEO in Dallas cost? We don’t like to give all of our prospects a set price each and every business is different with their own challenges ranking on search engines. But for us to determine a price for a business in Dallas engaging in SEO we must begin with a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Our SEO campaigns are for a period of time with one total cost. Your investment is then broken down into monthly payments. For example, after the competitor analysis if we decide that you will need 100 hours to complete service of the campaign and if we bill $50/hr. Furthermore, you can guess that the total would be $5,000 for the SEO campaign. This total cost is broken down into monthly installments.

We will be measuring and monitoring your SEO campaign and have monthly reporting on all the most important KPI metrics. Usually for clients, KnowMedia will monitor things such as:

  • Google Analytics Data

  • Google My Business Data

  • Data about Google Search Console

  • Other webmaster tools that benefit your SEO campaign

Get your Custom SEO Strategy Today

If you’re ready to add a custom digital marketing strategy to your business in Dallas. Start by contacting us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Our Dallas SEO agency specializes in marketing for dentist, restaurants, home services, and legal firms. Certainly, we have a unique process and it wouldn’t be much for us to rank your website at the top of the search engine.

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